Last night, I woke up at 1:50am and couldn't fall back asleep. For a good 25 minutes, I kept rolling around in bed trying to sleep because I've been working on getting my sleep schedule back in order, but I couldn't stop thinking about how I would launch Vicente Cruz Designs.

My issues here are quite vague but a specific problem I keep returning to is how do I deal with scaling once I've got clients and I want to start building up the team?

So, I turned to The Futur. I discovered their channel at the beginning of lockdown and knew they were a goldmine of information. That's when I found their video about 8 core business concepts I need to know as a designer and entrepreneur-in-the-making.

I watched the full video but I wanted to know more and so I followed their link to the livestream they did from which that video cut came from. The crazy thing is, the more I watched, the more I related to Marcus Whitney and what he was saying; of course the 8 concepts specifically told as they were was pretty fresh to me, but what he said about how entrepreneurs are commonly people who are ambitious, creative and going-against-the-grain? It was like he picked me out of the other 30 thousand viewers.

Of course, that's ridiculous to say because many people describe themselves as those three characteristics but nonetheless, I felt quite a strong connection between my mindset and his. He continued on to talk about how he felt when he was waiting tables a few years before he ended up becoming an entrepeneur, coder and venture capitalist, and it felt like we were (in some senses) brothers from another mother.

The way Chris Do described it was as though the reality in his head of his future projects and businesses was just waiting for the external reality to catch up. Like everything was in place; he just needed for things to finally happen. And I guess I've sort of felt the same because I keep having 'visions' (that sounds a little pretentious) or just images in my head of me living life on my terms, which is what I had taken away from the video.

All in all, Marcus Whitney has a contagiously positive, mature mindset that I feel I am on the path toward, I just need to be a little more patient and forgiving of myself at times. Anyways, that was a cool realisation, keep it up future me :)