The future of automotive customisation.

Within the next decade, MH Customs will be a lead innovator in the automotive customisation industry. Their goal is to widen and revolutionise car personalisation for the general public through affordability and sociability.


The word mark's cursive design is reminiscent of car windscreen paintings at a car dealership.

By taking the initials of the founder, Martijn Hoogeveen, and shortening the word "customisation", MH Customs was born.

Despite the brand being relatively new, by taking ideas the public is already familiar with, the logo was able to be designed to seem familiar at first glance.

Brand Applications

The following visual identity elements were created with a couple things in mind: spirit, reliability and passion. A future hope is that MH Customs shops would allow customers to get hands-on experience with the customisation experience, thus creating a deeper relationship between them and their car.

Bold, Innovative, Social, Accessible, Reliable

The fierce gradient of red reflects the company's strong internal values. Creating a brand that people can depend on and trust is also of importance to the company; this was done through the familiar elements mentioned earlier, however it was an image that took multiple attempts to get right.