Hey future me, welcome back to my first blog post!

So today, I created my personal website in Notion. I didn't realize it was as easy to do as it turned out to be, so I'm really psyched about that.

I woke up fairly late (around 12:30pm) and figured I wanted to get one of the domains that I owned (antonioyu.com) up off the ground. Luckily enough, I ended finding fruitionsite.com. In around 15 minutes, I was able to complete the whole setup and I had my website ready for me to create. Given that I've got a fair amount of projects going on in my life at the moment, I'll be using this blog as a way to keep track of how far I've come.

Regarding the blog as a whole, I think I'll aim to write a full-on weekly update post, complete with links, videos, images and whatnot, but for now, this is just me getting my first post out there.